The Story of BE.

Most people may think the word ‘rebel’ refers to a troublemaker or a community of troublemakers – people who don’t like to follow rules and can disrupt the natural order of society. But, this isn’t an accurate reflection of what the brand name BE. represents.

A lot of us today live our lives being secluded wallflowers and suffering from low self esteem issues. We put too much thought into what society thinks of us and how we can improve that impression. BE is not about fighting against norms or anything in particular. Our society expects us to be one way, and in the process of achieving that, we distance ourselves from our natural presence. BE isn’t about pushing an identity away; it is just about becoming more you.

Not too long ago, I was also a scared individual, suffering from low self esteem.
Once I decided to BE and rebel against what society tells us is normal, I started changing my norms, my lifestyle and everything else about me. I formulated and adapted my own normal. And, while this was scary, unnerving and unprecedented for me, the changes in my lifestyle gave me the strength I needed to persevere.

Without a little bit of rebellion, there is and will be no change. Conformity has always been the enemy of innovation, and people like myself challenge that monotony. The foundations of BE. were laid through my own innate drive to challenge my norms. Our own self never leaves us, it does not need to be created and it does not need to be found. It is always and always there – never going anywhere. It is just a matter of us accepting who we really are and allowing our true self to come out.

The rebel that came out from within me – my true self – helped me create this lifestyle brand and pave the foundations for lifestyle changes other hesitant individuals ... to awaken the rebel within them.

BE. a female-empowered Lifestyle Brand.